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Friends of Parks and Recreation's board is made up of people who not only have the savvy to run a nonprofit, but the heart for Winchester-Clark County Parks and Recreation as well. Ourselves, our families, and our hearts are committed to WCCPR and its future.

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Director, WCCPR

I came to Parks and Recreation in 2010 as a patron, to train for triathlons after retiring from the Department of Juvenile Justice and the US Army (82nd Airborne). I began working at Parks and Rec as the 5:30 AM front desk opener shortly after. After 6 months, the Director position became available and I applied, beginning this position in January of 2011. 
I only intended to be the Director in an interim, but the reason I’m still here is simple – I love our people, patrons and staff alike! I’m excited to finally have our 501(c)(3) up and running because it will allow us to focus on expanding the services we already offer the youth of Winchester/Clark County. 



Board Chair

I got started at WCCPR because of the group classes that offered a safe judgment free way to exercise but come with built-in motivation. 
I’m a retired school superintendent. I currently serve on the following nonprofit boards: Leeds Center for the Arts, Fort Boonesborough Foundation, Winchester Clark County Parks and Recreation, and Friends of Parks and Recreation. I also volunteer at CC’s Closet and the Canaan House (Lexington).
I’m excited about the Friends of Parks and Recreation nonprofit because of the opportunity we now have to raise funds for unique programs. All the funds raised though Friends of Parks and Recreation go directly to programs with no admin or operating expenses. 



Vice Chair

Parks and Rec has been a constant in my life for the last 10 years. I am a group class participant. That’s my “Happy Place”. I started in a Boot Camp class and branched out to Zumba, Tabata, and TRX.  Classes have changed over the years. Instructors have come and gone. Class format has evolved. But the joy of being in a room with other people who are happy to be there is always the same. It is always satisfying to have someone else agree with you when you complain about how hard the class was that day. Seriously. Who else is going to agree with you but a fellow sufferer?  And you come back and do it again and again.That sense of gaining in strength each time you walk out the door. And the staff is knowledgable and friendly. From the front desk to the class instructors to the custodians. You will always find a smile waiting for you. Sounds like home to me. 

I bring a lot of “life experience” to the Parks and Rec Board. My last position as Finance Department head at our business, Kentucky Steel Truss Buildings, lets me use that business expertise in a non-profit capacity. I am also Deacon of Administration at Bethesda Church.


The Parks and Rec Nonprofit is another way to add value to Winchester’s families with children as a focus. A community gets its strength from the families that make it up. Do Winchester’s citizens know how many parks we have? Not just the usual ones that come to mind but the smaller ones in neighborhoods that most people never think about. We, as a board, want to maximize The programs already in place and bring new ones to the table. Involve as many kids and families as possible. Make being active fun and growing into a lifetime habit. We have projects already in place that we plan to expand with the nonprofits' help and lots of ambitious ideas of future programs to enrich our community. I am so excited for the future!  

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My name is Christie Aaron and I have lived in Winchester for over 30 years. Around 2011, my husband, Chris, and I started  attending Jeff Lewis’ Thursday morning TRX class at College Park Gym. Jeff had us hooked on day one! He was always challenging us and yet helping us feel confident with exercising. And to this day, TRX is a part of our exercise routine!
As a retired nurse, it is important to encourage people to be healthy and well. Moving your body can help you….take a walk, a short jog, TRX class! Just move and watch how good you feel.
I’m proud to be a part of the “Friends of Parks” non profit. This group of people    supports each other, strives to motivate our community to be healthy and well and lastly promotes a vision that leads Winchester-Clark County to better parks and recreation for all its citizens. Jeff’s entire team here at Parks & Rec is the key that can help you meet your wellness goals.
I hope you will consider joining our efforts to be healthy and well!!




I go to WCCPR because of the people and the classes. Firstly, the people are friendly, helpful, caring, community focused. Secondly, there is a variety of classes, the gym is not just centered on one thing, and you don’t want to take classes you can there are other ways to exercise.


Gosh my work experience, I will make it short. This is the first time I have ever been on a board, however,  I work at the local hospital and have volunteered over the years for several events, both at the hospital and for WCCPR.


I think the Friends of Parks Nonprofit is a great opportunity to help make a positive difference in the community through health and wellness.

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I am a native of the Ashland area and joined WCCPR when I moved to Winchester in 2016.  After losing a dear friend to cancer in 2018 I recognized just what a blessing it is to be healthy enough to exercise. I discovered TRX and Aquablast and they changed not just my body but my energy levels, attitude, endurance, my whole life!

Having retired from years as the executive director of a non-profit organization I know how important it is to have WCCPR in our community and am glad friends of WCCPR exists to share and support the good work done there.

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My Parks and Rec story begins several years ago. I have lived in Clark County since 1997.  I first started coming to Parks and Rec to utilize the walking track upstairs.  I did this occasionally and then about 6 years ago my sister in law had taken a TRX class and invited me to come with her.  A few months earlier, I had started a more consistent health and wellness journey and Jeff's TRX classes along with the amazing community we have here continued to draw me back.  I started using the facility more and taking more classes when my work schedule allowed.  As my health and wellness journey continued, I became more and more involved with this facility and community.  This is truly one of my happy places. 

Since 2011, I have been a certified group fitness instructor with ACE (American Council on Exercise) and after getting more serious about my own health and wellness journey, I decided to become an ACE certified personal trainer in October 2018 and certified to teach TRX classes in November 2018.  I love helping people live their best lives.  I love all aspects of our facility and the community we serve.  You can find me in our College Park facility at the front desk on Friday morning, teaching Fit Camp with our Youth Fitness on Thursdays, involved with other classes, our mobile parks and rec events and special community events we offer.  

I am excited to be part of the Friends of Parks and Recreation board and look forward to continuing our mission at Winchester Clark County Parks and Recreation.  Helping create a healthy community of children and adults is so important and vital.  To be able to support WCCPR through fundraising efforts to provide these opportunities for our population will continue to enhance the health, wellness and overall quality of life in the community we serve.  My prior non profit experience includes work the the Leukemia Lymphoma Society, the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, the American Cancer Society and others.  

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As an avid swimmer and the father or four year-round swimmers, I was so excited when Winchester opened an indoor pool at WCCPR.   Once here, I realized how much more the facility has to offer.  The staff and guests are amazing.  Their positivity and encouragement help motivate each of us to challenge ourselves and to maintain the healthy and active lifestyle we all know we need.  
Our non-profit hopes to expand this mission into different areas and to improve on the ways WCCPR already serves.  Come out and see all the great work.  We hope to see you soon.

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I have been a literal neighbor of College Park for almost 20 years now as I live right across the street. As I have participated in and sponsored Parks and Rec events throughout the years and got to know the staff and facilities better, my appreciation for what they offer has expanded. As a full-time REALTOR® that lives and works here, I am also a member of the Chamber, the Clark County Activity Coalition and am now excited to be part of Friends of Parks Nonprofit. I love this town and I have no problem selling our awesome community to others relocating here but to be able to say that we are really striving to provide programming for a healthy, vibrant community, especially for the children who are our future, this just adds one more layer to why it is such a wonderful place to live!




As a member, instructor and trainer, Parks and Recreation has played an integral role in my fitness and wellness journey, as well as that of my family’s.  When we moved here in 2015, I liked Winchester. When I found WCCPR, I knew this could be home. Since then, my involvement with WCCPR has only grown and my passion for this work expanded. 

I’m excited about Friends of Parks and Recreation 501(c)(3) because as I’ve often said, Parks and Rec does not lack ambition to engage and empower Clark County to help build healthy communities, and it is constantly striving for that. That’s the community I want my son to continue to grow up in and be a part of. This nonprofit offers us the chance to continue to expand what Parks and Rec already does for its community. 



Our board members are not idle and know the power of community. Pictured is Board Chair Gary Wiseman volunteering for WCCPR's Annual Bicycle Rodeo, which gives children in the community FREE bicycle education, safety, and the chance to win FREE bicycles and safety gear!

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